Prospective candidates for the Ph.D. degree are admitted to candidacy when:

  1. All prerequisites set as a condition to admission have been satisfactorily completed;
  2. Research skills requirements, if applicable, have been met;
  3. The final program of study has been approved by the advisory committee, the graduate coordinator, and the dean of the Graduate School;
  4. An average of 3.0 (B) has been maintained on all graduate courses taken and on all completed courses on the program of study (no course with a grade below C may be placed on the final program of study);
  5. Written and oral comprehensive examinations have been passed and reported to the Graduate School;
  6. The advisory committee, including any necessary changes in the membership, is confirmed and all its members have been notified of their appointment;
  7. A dissertation prospectus (proposal) has been approved;
  8. The residence requirement has been met.